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Sedation questions


Susan Horsley

Junior member
May 22, 2020
Hey, I am facing my fears and working with my dentist. We’ve talked about having sedation for anything above a small filling.

Most people I’ve spoken to can’t remember the experience. So my question is, what are patients like whilst sedated? Are they relaxed and not distressed? My concern is that I’d still be afraid and panicked but not remember it after. It would still be a nasty thing to face at the time but have non memory of the distress.

Thank you so much for your answers.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Sep 18, 2017
Hi Susan,

I can recommend you taking a look at the interview with Omar Iqbal here in this section. He talks in a very detail about how sedation works. One of the questions is how people behave while sedated and also how a dentist can tell if they behave differently and what the troubleshooting for that is. It will give you a very clear picture on how sedation works, what can happen and what not.

Hope this helps

All the best wishes