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Self-Image problems, how do you deal with them?



Jan 31, 2006
Im looking for info, advice, on how to deal with the self image 'issues' that I have concerning having full upper dentures.
I dont know how I will ever look myself in the mirror without the upper denture in. The thought freaks me out: What is the advice for people like me?
How does one accept and manage the self image issues?
:sick: :confused:
Re: Self-Image problems, how do you deal with them

Susan, I had full uppers in December 2005, and the whole procedure is not nearly as bad as what I had anticipated. The feeling once you take them out is "different", but it's not that bad. It's kind of cool 'cause I freak my wife out when she least expects it!! Seriously, it will be a period of adjustment, but there are also a number of good things. No more pain up there. No more cavaties, loose teeth, etc. Cleaning the dentures is a breeze, and they look totally natural once in place. I do not regret having it done, and since I have problems with the bottom teeth, I will be doing it again in the future. Keep a positive attitude, and look at all the pluses that dentures provide. You'll do fine. Best of luck to you.


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