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Sensitive gum around a wisdom tooth and occasional pain, why?



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Jul 31, 2012
Quebec, Canada
i noticed lately that my gum is sensitive around the wisdom tooth on the lower left jaw. Since i got 2 molars repaired on the lower right jaw, i brush regularly, and sometimes a little bit hard i think, i wonder if hard brushing can make the gum more sensitive temporarily.

The dentist assistant told me i have cavity on all my wisdom teeth, though i wonder if it's true (i think sometimes they tell you that only to remove them). And later in that appointment, the dentist told me "you can come anytime for this", though i wonder what that mean. But i want them to be repaired, not removed! :(

Several weeks ago (about 5-6 weeks from now) i got 2 teeth (molars, on the lower left side of my jaw) repaired with fillings (called "composite" or "amalgam"?). And since Friday, they seem to be a little painful from time to time. But not only those 2 teeth, but occasional pain on the upper left teeth as well. But then i push on them on the side with a finger and they don't hurt.

From the dentist's last visit and x-rays, they never said a single thing about those upper left teeth, so they must be fine i guess. I didn't hurt myself or hit on the jaw or teeth, nothing like that.

I do have anxiety/stress attacks it seem, but i try to control that... I remember many years ago, i had something weird coming out from the middle of my tongue, like a white...thing, anyway, i've cut it and it seem like it went away with time. I remember having problems swallowing big pieces of food, when it was all in my head.

Anxiety can cause many weird things, but unfortunately you never know if this is the cause of what's happening to you, until it goes away by itself.

So i guess this is what's happening to me. Hopefully this tooth ache problem is only caused by anxiety.

But i also wonder, IF this is anxiety, is that because of the many visits to the dentist since August?

-1st visit was to get x-rays and being told they will have to get 2 teeth removed (my insurance doesn't cover canal treatment, and it's about 1000$ per teeth if you pay), got prescribed penicillin, to disinfect the swollen gums.
-2nd visit, a week later, to get the 2 molars removed.
-3rd visit for a voluntary check-up (i wanted to make sure it was healing properly).
-4th visit for a deep clean and new x-rays. I got told 1 tooth would have to be removed by the dentist, but then i talked to the head dentist and said he will try to repair them the best he can.
-5th visit to get the other molars repaired. Before leaving, i asked him about the teeth, and he said it went great and cheered me by doing a thumb up.

Last visit was around mid-October i think.

i'm supposed to have an appointment for Wednesday, but i think i will cancel because this might be anxiety kicking in, and this appointment isn't with the same dentist in that office, i would prefer to see the same dentist i saw the 2 previous times (the one who removed my 2 teeth, and repaired those 2 other teeth i mentioned, he's the head dentist as well, the one with the most education in dentistry) but he's booked till after the holidays. I've been told the dentist, which is the head dentist there, who performed the extraction and the repairs on my teeth, will only do "big repairs" now, and he's booked till March, but i explained to the receptionist that i wanted to have a steady dentist i could see and be more in confidence. She said she can put me on the waiting list, but there's no garantee.

Also, regarding the 2 molars (1 on lower right, and 1 on upper right) that would need repair, they don't hurt right now, and when i asked the dentist first if i could come after the holidays, he said yes, but after he repaired the teeth (on the lower left), he said it would be better to come before the holidays.

So, tell me, do you think it's most likely anxiety causing this occasional pain?

Should i go have at least a check-up and x-ray done? Or it's more of the anxiety kicking in? :cry:

thank you very much for your help, i really need to be reassured here...
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It could be anxiety ... but I'm wondering if maybe it has some decay on it that you cannot see. Surely the xray would show it though. When you push on the gum around the tooth does it give off a nasty smell and/or taste?
It could be anxiety ... but I'm wondering if maybe it has some decay on it that you cannot see. Surely the xray would show it though. When you push on the gum around the tooth does it give off a nasty smell and/or taste?

i just tried...it hurt a bit, but i think i didn't taste anything bad.

Since the dentist told me "wisdom teeth are harder to clean with the brush because they're deeper inside the mouth", i've been trying to push more to brush deeper on the wisdom teeth and gum. Is that because the gum wasn't used to the brushing there?
I think you have done the same thing I did.... you are probably brushing too hard and irritating the gum. Try to focus on brushing gently and do warm salt water rinses. It will also help. I also read somewhere on this site that you can rub flouride toothpaste around a tooth to stop the progression of decay. I have been doing that on my wisdoms.
toothpaste that contain fluoride?

i think there are also toothbrushes that are made for sensitive gums.
i did the warm water rinses with salt, i think it's helping a little bit. I might buy a soft-bristled brush soon.

I wonder, how many days(?) the gum can stay swollen when regularly rinsing with warm water and salt? what would be the do's and don'ts? like "don't poke on the swollen gum area"?
Yes, I would try not to mess with it too much and be very gentle brushing in that area. Raptor, you might should post this question in the dentistry questions thread so a dentist can address it.
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