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Sensitive teeth upper and lower on right side



Junior member
May 22, 2007
Last week I had 3 teeth on the right side worked on and temporary crowns were put on.  Everything was fine at first except the gum around one of the top teeth was sore and irritated, and 2 days later has become sensative to hot and cold. And forget the mouthwash, I went thought the roof, even with it warmed up.  I have not had a root canal in any of these teeth, but this one tooth had decay under the filling.  Beyond that all of the teeth on the right side back (top & bottom) to the front on the bottom are so sensative to sweets.  I also feel throbbing at the novacaine injection site, and travels from upper to lower jaw.  I had my mouth open for about 2 hours straight and am wondering if this is having something to do with all of this.  I am taking Ibuphrofen and all is fine, but sensitivity comes back when I stop, although a little less discomfort today.  What do you think is going on.  


Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Sounds like one of the temp crowns or more might be leaking a bit. Sensitivity to cold and sweet that doesn't persist is a sign of a healthy nerve, not a warning of RCT to come. You need to go back to the dentist if the sensitivity goes on more than another day or so.