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Severe anxiety about dental surgery.



Junior member
Oct 8, 2023
Rochester, NY
In two days I am going to have two root canal teeth that have failed and are infected removed. I was in the hospital a few days ago with severe swelling and pain, they kept me overnight and loaded me up with intravenous antibiotics. I am now on antibiotic pills twice a day but I still have swelling but the pain isn't as severe. I have been fighting these infections since this past July. My issues is I'm terrified to have them pulled, I have been told that already root canaled teeth can break when being pulled because they are weaker and more fragile, they may have to go in and dig out the roots. They are going to use mild sedation on me which I have never had before. I'm older, have been through having my thyroid removed because of cancer, I have COPD and some heart issues so I'm not in the best of health. I'm really terrified I'm going to die during this procedure. Doesn't help that I'm hypothyroid right now I think because of all the antibiotics I've been taking on and off for 3 months now.

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