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Severe Anxiety + chronic fatigue and in need of root canal



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Jul 2, 2018
Hi everyone,
First time posting here! So, i haven't been to the dentist in 6 years, due to a mix of suffering from crippling chronic fatigue (can't get off the couch some days) and having dentist phobia. One of my front teeth is now cracked (i grind my teeth) vertically and is hurting quite bad. Pretty sure it will need root canal as it feels similar to what i had years ago and feels like it might be getting infected. The thing is, i am terrified of having an adverse reaction to the anesthetic and of not having the energy to cope with treatment, possibly crashing. I made the mistake of googling this and found all these people with adverse reactions to the adrenaline / epinephrine, some of them chronic fatigue sufferers, and am now convinced that because i have an anxiety disorder as well as chronic fatigue i am guaranteed to be the same way. Bearing in mind that i have had lots of treatments in the past (over 6 years ago) and was fine, but i was fit and healthy back then. So scared now! Will try and get an appointment for tomorrow, but i was wondering if anyone had any comforting thoughts on this in the meantime? Thank you so much!

Even though you have anxiety and chronic fatigue, you are still going and getting it done and that is the first great step, which is hard to take in the first place. Google and Youtube have been bad for me.. its like we mean well to get more information and put our minds to rest and help but really it ends up making more anxious. There is just too much info out there sometimes. My dentist said something like "Google and youtube can't see my teeth like he can" so not to go there.. which made so much sense. we can work ourselves up like crazy with every scenario . not that you are but I did lol... Are you going to a dentist you know already? They have so much great technology now to make it painfree , and alot of dentists really care.. so really hope it goes well. I know for me the worst part is the waiting and anxiety.. when I get in the chair.. and my dentist puts me to ease, it gets all better from there..
Krlovesherkids777, thank you so much for your reply and kind words, very appreciated.
Yes, google has sent me into a right panic, especially as i always go straight to disaster scenarios.
I'm just convinced that my body and mind are going to let me down yet again :(
I have such a phobia of advert reactions to medication, and what i have read about people reacting to the adrenaline / epinephrine has got me sooo worried. I get heart palps because of my anxiety / panick attacks, but can also get them if i'm having a difficult tired day. So reading about how some people feel like their heart beats out of their chest with the injections has got me completely panicking! I just think waaayyy too much about things before i even get anywhere :(
I'm not sure about this but from what I understand the epipeniphere , sorry bad spelling , is for it to last longer? but they have shots without it.. maybe they can give you more shots with out it? and do without the effects?
I think for root canal i'll probably need it, from what i read it makes you feel number and helps with not bleeding too much...
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Such a mess, i'm even having a cry now :( but i guess from the amount of people who post here and suffer with dental phobia, at least from the anxiety point of view not everyone who has it experiences a racing heart or panick attack symptoms like shaking and sweating or feeling dizzy because of the anesthetic?
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hello! I have very bad anxiety with panic attacks and I'm overall very sensitive to everything (foods, medicines, heat, etc) and I have never reacted to the anesthetic that they inject (and I've had a lot of dental work done). A couple of months ago I was super panicky at the beginning of a dentist appointment before they did the numbing. The assistant prepared me for the small possibility that the epinephrine might give me a racing heart rate, and if that did happen, its very short lived and not dangerous. That was the first time I heard about it.

Have you called to make an appointment? Wishing you luck- please post and let us know how it goes!
Hi Spider,
Thank you so much for your reply, it has made me feel a bit better. I'll probably still panic when i'm there, but at least i know someone else who has severe anxiety makes it through ok x i have made an appointment for 1.40 pm today, but it's a dentist i don't know. We will see! Thank you again, i hope they can reassure me there like yours do x
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Well, wasnt a clear cut case, she wasn't sure there was an actual break in the tooth or if it was bruising from grinding teeth. So have to try sensodyne toothpaste and a mouth guard for a couple of days, but if it gets worse it will be root canal on Friday. So none the wiser for now about how i'll cope :(
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I hope the dentist is right and its bruising from the grinding/clenching. I've given myself toothaches from clenching so I guess its possible. Do you have a mouth guard already? I like the kind where the molars bite on the rubber pads and its just a strap that goes around the front teeth. It keeps the front teeth from contacting during the night.

Waiting is nerve wracking... please keep us posted on how you're doing.
Thank you Spider. I don't have a mouthguard but have one coming today, and will get the dentist to make me a proper one. Well, i'm thinking that in a way yesterday was quite good as i made it through the door despite nearly being in tears and being on the verge of a panick attack (although i think the dentist thought i was crazy because i was so nervous and hyper) and it was a first contact after 6 years of not going x