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Severe anxiety, crying feel desperate and need some support- partial dentures



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May 28, 2012
Severe anxiety, crying feel desperate and need some support- partial dentures

I am a 47 year old some. I was diagnosed with a very deadly cancer 2 years ago and then 6 months later was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. I have had chemo/radiation/ surgeries/ and have been to hell and back. I was given a poor prognosis , but I am cancer free now. I live from ct scan to ct scan. I can't tell you how hard my life is, I have an insulin pump, a dexcom monitor attached to be and take my blood at least 10 times a day. I was barely gaining on to a thread and trying to live my life until I went to the dentist. I have severe phobia of the dentist and was so afraid to go and so embarrased but I went as I cracked a tooth very close to the front. I need many fillings on top and I guess I can handle that even though it will be stressful. I have one upper molar in back that is missing but not visible and I let I would get an implant , I was waiting on feeling better and having my diabetes well under control. However now I need that tooth replaced and on the bottom I have two bridges one on each side of the mouth the last three teeth and both need to be removed and teeth extracted and replaced with implants or a partial denture. This has just pushed me over the edge, it is just one too many things for me to deal with. I either can have a partial denture which scares me as I don't want people to know and I am afraid with no back teeth it won't stay in place. I can have implants, but this will be well over 20 thousand with the top tooth and I am afraid it wouldn't work because of my diabetes and afraid to spend that much in case my cancer comes back. Also I have considered mini implants to secure the partial as I afraid a regular partial would ruin the two teeth with the clasps. I am overwhelmed as I don't know which decision to make. Also the dentist was not very helpful and I am join to have the fillings there over the next month and then find someone else to get the partial/ implants/ or mini implanted partial. I have spent days crying, I can't eat, sleep, nothing. I have spent hours on the internet trying to find a dentist that does extractions/implants/ mini implants/ partials and looks kind. I have no idea who to go to , so overwhelmed that I feel more depressed than ever. I have not been able to tell my husband because I am ashamed about this problem and afraid of him thinking less of me because of a partial. He has already had to support me through cancer, diabetes, etc. Also my cancer treatments have cost us much , I feel guilty wanting to spend so many thousands on implants. I would love to hear from anyone that can understand my situation, wears lower partials, or knows about implanted partials etc. Any thoughts as to how I can m=find a good kind dentists in las vegas. Again I feel desperate and so full of anxiety, I am so deeply depressed. Can this be normal?
Re: Severe anxiety, crying feel desperate and need some support- partial dentures

Hi lbh :welcome: I cannot help you in your search as I am in the UK. I have not had any of your health problems either. but you have my upper most respect for getting through the treatment that cannot have been pleasant.

I do understand your dental phobia and you must be at you wits end with yet something else for you to deal with, but from what you say it has to be dealt with. I would not give the dentist you saw my money, you need someone that can understand your fear and also take into consideration that you have already had to undergo extensive treatment already to fight the cancer. Do you have any friends that could recommend a dentist for you, or are there people in the medical profession that you see that would know of a nice friendly dentist.

I am so sorry I cannot be of any help to you, but I just wanted to answer you and let you know you have done brilliantly so far with all your health problems and I think you are really brave.

I was just saying on a thread the other day people understand and sympathise when it is hospital treatment we are afraid of, but seem to not want to even acknowledge that fear of the dentist should exist. I do understand your fear and I hope you can find someone that is going to be right for you.

I wish you all the best with any future treatment you need be it with the dentist or the hospital.

I would like to know how you get on, if you feel you could keep us updated. GOOD LUCK :clover::clover::clover::clover: and fondest wishes. :grouphug:
Re: Severe anxiety, crying feel desperate and need some support- partial dentures

Hiyer lbh,

I'm in the UK too, so can't help with the dental search (hopefully someone from the US will come on here soon who has some suggestions) but I too wanted to offer you some support. You really have been through hell with your health, you have my admiration for the courage you have shown. I suspect that the feelings of depression and desperation are partially tied to all the fear and emotional roller coaster that has gone before the dental problems, a delayed response to the hardship and worries. As you rightly say 'this feels like the final straw'. We all reach that point eventually, no matter how strong we are and have been, our 'fighting reserves' run out and the world feels like it is against us. So, is it normal, I suspect so sadly. It is hard enough for many people on here to just deal with their dental problems, that in itself makes people very low and sometimes depressed, so for you having it added to a long list of things must seem unsurmountable.

I think you are right, the key to this is in finding someone who can understand where you are coming from, spend time with you, talk with you and help resolve your fears. How you wish to progress with the regard to implants, partials and so on is something you need to discuss with your new dentist, when you find them. One thing is for sure you are clearly a very courageous person and this won't be as hard a mountain to climb as it feels right now....especially compared to everything that you have dealt with before. This is something over which you can have total control.

Have you emailed around any dental practices based on recommendations...that could be a starting point ?