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Severe anxiety for tomorrow



Junior member
May 10, 2023
Lafayette, LA
Hey y'all.
This is my first post. I have my first dental appointment tomorrow around 1030am since I was a child (approximately 20 years since my last one). I've got severe pain in my teeth going into my jaw, so I broke down and called a clinic that could get me in soon. I've been taking an unhealthy amount of Tylenol and ibuprofen just to keep the pain dull enough to make it to tomorrow. My last dentist told me that I "needed to grow the f*ck up and stop crying for no reason." My previous dentist would massage my jaw, positive words and that thing where you close your eyes and imagine places. She left to go teach, which she was perfect for. I was about 3 appointments away from getting my teeth to the point where I could have gotten braces, but after that last visit, it was enough to keep me away. I've had dentists leave needles in my mouth, make fun of me, etc. My last time in the dentist, I was in a severe panic attack and I'm hoping not for it to be bad tomorrow. My fiance is being incredibly supportive and is going with me. I also trying to keep in mind that I'll likely get some relief from tomorrow. I was crying when I called in for the appointment and as I'm typing this I'm practically in tears. Sorry if my post is all over the place.
Well done for taking the first step and booking your appointment. That is by far the hardest step.
I am in exactly the same position as you and had my first appointment after 19 years yesterday. The anxiety before was faaar worse than the appointment. I explained I was scared and anxious about it and she was so lovely and sympathetic.
I really hope you have a successful appointment tomorrow ❤️ stay strong, it'll be over soon and be proud of how far you've come.
How did your appointment go?
It went better than I thought! So my fiance and I went early and sat in the truck for a few minutes, I cried when managed to get some kind of confidence we went in. I was still tearing up when I walked to the desk and she asked if it was because of my pain, I replied with "that and I'm scared." She looked at me and smiled and said "oh baby, we're going to take good care of you." I filled out the remaining paperwork and sat and waited. When I finally got called back, she hygienist asked me how we were doing and I went "meh". When we finally got into the room, she tried to take my blood pressure, but couldn't get it and I told her to say it was high since I was pretty much in a panic attack. She smiled at me she said the worst part of the whole thing today was going to be the pictures. She walked me through everything and she talked me through the different sedation options. She asked why I stopped going and I told her. She gasped, but understood why. She did the rest of her exam and they take pictures while they do it, so when she pulled up the x-ray and pictures, I covered my face and said I'm so embarrassed. She said "I've seen a lot worse, I'm glad that you are here and are trying." The doctor came in and I started to tear up. She smiled and the hygienist explained I was nervous and the doctor smiled again and said she was glad I was there and trying to take care of myself and I got the question why I was afraid, she said that would be a good reason for someone to turn away and she stated that she is going be there every step of the way. The dentist then pretty much explained the treatment plan that she wanted to proceed with and prescribed me antibiotics and some ibuprofen. Eventually we'll look at braces once I get to that point and try to build my confidence back in my smile.

I honestly think I found my new dentist. Now, I have to figure out how to pay for it all. They were all really kind and walked me through everything and was just glad I was there.

While talking to both of them, I found out the tooth was filled wasn't an adult tooth, but a baby, so I have an impacted tooth with part of a baby tooth there, so that will likely be the first part of the treatment program, which will have to be oral surgery. 😓😩
A great dentist makes all the difference. I’m so glad you found one. Good luck on your journey!!
So glad that you found a dentist that is caring. It’s been a long while since I’ve popped on to this forum because I have such a great dentist that I’m really not fearful anymore. Not saying I don’t get a little nervous still, but the right dentist will ease your fears!
I'm new here too, trying to keep reading stories to make myself feel less scared. I'm happy you feel comfortable with the dentist you found - that is SO important and sometimes so hard to find, so that's the first step. Glad you guys have a plan as well to get you where you want to be.

I'm getting worse with my anxiety as I get older, have had perio issues for years, BUT worse now because I have one tooth in the front that started to move, I thought from me clenching, but I found out it was because of bone loss. I had braces as a teenager and my teeth looked nice, until I didn't take care of them. So now I'm left with not qualifying for Invisalign because the bone loss can make me end up losing teeth in the end after they move. So the dentist I just found (4th or 5th one to tell me this in last couple years) said he did not feel comfortable with that solution and we decided to cap it and do a veneer on the tooth next to it (my two front teeth involved). I'm SO nervous but he suggested Xanax so I will try that for my cleaning in June (yes I even need something for a normal cleaning as I have lots of super-sensitive areas). I hope to God the Xanax helps.

Well good luck to you with your upcoming dental work and I know you will end up with a wonderful smile. It will be worth it! I remember the feeling when my braces were removed, I can't even describe how wonderful you feel and it made anything along the way SO worth it. :)
@AnnRob11 , Hello, I haven't been on the forum in a while , but your story was very inspiring to read! You are so courageous after you had some terrible experiences, after having someone that sounded so special.. then you got hit with pain and had to try someone new., trying someone new especially in a point of pain and desparation is really a stressful situation.. I so get it.! I'm just so glad they seem so kind at your new office and very anxious friendly, like they really get it.. How relieving! I love that your fiance is supportive too! Look forward to hearing more of your journey! Just love your courage .. @CatsRMyHeart4Ever all the best to you too, and hey if Zanax helps ,, all the power, I know for me sometimes a little lorazepam goes a long way to get the chill factor. If it helps , hey it is worth it.