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Severe caries Front teeth Phobia overcome GRAPHIC PICTURES



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Jul 19, 2009
Miami, Fl
A teenage girl was referred to me and after a long consult of just discussing how I was different than the other dentists who shamed her she allowed me to treat her. She now can come into my office sit down receive injections and not need any local anesthesia because we have a good trusting relationship. Before crying and not even looking at me. Here are her before and after pictures. I hope this gives some of you teenagers the strength to find the right dentist for you too. Her treatment has given her strength to deal with other areas of her life._IGP5366.JPG_IGP5185.JPG
That's a pretty amazing transformation both in terms of aesthetics and overcoming a phobia. Thanks for sharing.
So this same girl came back yesterday. She said something was bothering her and she was right in that she had some caries. Most importantly she said that she didn't take nor did she feel a need to take her usual ant-anxiety medication prior to her appointment. That day I gave her local anesthesia and treated three teeth in all and she was completely fine. Afterwards we talked more and I said that having anxiety before an appointment is normal if you have had bad experience before but today you knew that you were coming to a safe space. She completely agreed. Please understand that in general this is not a "average" well adjusted type at all. She continues to battle her many issues but her dental struggles are over. This is what is so amazing and rewarding for me.
Great job Dr Kimsey! Did these teeth require rct treatment? Or fully repaired without?
Many Thanks
No root canal needed
That is an amazing transformation from both aesthetic and psychological perspectives, fabulous work Dr Kimsey :)