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Severe fear of dying during Wisdom teeth removal.



Junior member
Jul 27, 2018
I am having 4 wisdom teeth removed on the 10th of August and I am terrified.I am not sure yet if they are going to use Anesthesia on me but I’m sure they will.I fear that something could go wrong because I have heart palipitations every once and a while,and from what I have read people with heart conditions have complications during the surgery.

I totally understand your anxiety about Anesthesia as I just had it for another procedure and also have some chest pains and shortness of breath from time to time.. I encourage you to see if you can contact them and ask exactly what they are doing? Local? general? sedation? and then maybe just to give yourself peace of mind if its general could you go into your local dr and get a preop exam and have an ekg to fight your anxiety and give you more peace and answers . It really helped me to hear many drs tell me it will be okay and they really do it all the time and complications are so very rare. My anxiety had me a bit crazy before the procedure but they took me through it like pros and I'm sure you will be good too :) Try to get all the answers to reassure your self that you can.. :)
Hi there,

if they didn't talk to you any further, then it sounds like the removal will take place with a simple numbing. As krlovesherkids suggests, if you aren't sure, give them a call. A part of informed consent is that you have the information about what they would like to do and how.

You won't die from the anesthetics - dentists are well educated and trained when it comes to anesthesia and it's effects, after all they must be able to handle people with all possible health conditions. Heart problems belong to that - just imagine an elderly person with severe heart problems - such a patient must also be able to receive painfree treatment and it's the dentists job to do it in a manner that's absolutely safe.

The only important part in this is that you tell your dentist about your fear and about your heart palipitations so that he/she can make sure to take care of you.

All the best wishes
I am also very scared of the anesthesia. So I don’t blame you! Definitely give them a call and see if you are getting anesthesia. I’m getting general anesthesia for my wisdom teeth removal on the 16th and I am beyond scared. But good luck.
Getting heart palpitations sometimes does not mean there is anything wrong with your heart. If you are to get general anesthesia, they will check your heart health first, and you can mention your palpitations. But most people get palpitations now and then, they are normal!

And even if you did have a heart condition - which you most likely do not - it doesn't mean you would die. People with heart conditions still need surgery and they still go under general anesthesia.

So, please try not to worry. If you need general anesthesia, you will be checked over medically first. It's their job to figure out if there are any extra factors. And heart palpitations are a very normal thing, especially for people with anxiety.