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Severe gum recession + other problems



Feb 14, 2018
I have posted on the forum a few times, but not here in the support section.

I have severe gum recession (bottom front) below a tooth that is on a post, this tooth had a failed root canal some years ago, because the dentist surgery forgot to put my referal through for an apiacectomy, I lost some gum tissue and bone in that area. I registered with another practice after this and tried to discuss this gum recession with the female dentist, she really was not interested in discussing?talking to me at all. Then covid came along, and now the problem has got worse and the post crown tooth is loose.
I have an upcoming appointment in two days with a different dentist at the practice, but really do not feel comfortable going there at all, I am both ashamed and anxious and feel I really need to find a dentist I can trust to not make me feel bad about the situation and suggest the best way to proceed.

facing up to the situation is bad enough, but when you feel you have been let down , it is hard to deal with the situation.

If all else fails with this appointment, how would you best proceed to find a dentist that actually cares about their patients? because past experience has not been good.


Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Hi Della44, sorry to see that you haven't had any replies yet. How did your appointment with the other dentist at the practice go? I hope it went much better than expected ?.

We've collected tips for finding a dentist that actually cares about their patients here:

and also here:

Hopefully, some of the tips are useful ?