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Severe pain after Novocain injections


Oral pain sucks

Junior member
Apr 10, 2024
Hello, I finally got the nerve to see a dentist about a tooth that rotted but needed the remaining root removed. This is the tooth directly next to the top front tooth . I had been on and off antibiotics for about 6 months to self treat the infection. So the day of my visit the dentist gave my my first injection of Novocain then we waited about 10 min. I noticed that the tooth next to the one to be removed started hurting., so I asked the dentist if I was possibly having transfer pain and maybe I needed the tooth next to it worked on ? He took X-rays and said no. So he gave me another shot. After that one I started getting a headache and then my lower teeth started hurting. So he gave another 2 shots. He attempted to start working on the removal and I said I could feel it , so one more shot , OMG I almost passed out from the pain! I actually screamed, and was so embarrassed. That shot was excruciating. I could not continue. I had a headache and the pain lasted almost 2 hours. As the Novocain wore off the pain subsided. Can anyone please tell me why this would happen? I’m scared to go back! And I need this tooth removed!
Sorry, I have absolutely no idea. Try a different dentist?