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Severe pain in one spot after wisdom teeth extraction



Junior member
Dec 27, 2008

I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed Tuesday and am having severe pain on my lower right side. Overall I am feeling much better but have severe throbbing pain and think something must be wrong. I went in Friday (yesterday) and they said I am healing well and everything looks great. I had to ask for more pain meds (they gave me 8 Darvocet) and they kind of acted like I was being a wimp. I know it is supposed to hurt but I am on day 5 and the pain on my lower right is not improving at all. I go in Tuesday for my follow up. But I think something is up. Any ideas??

Thanks :)
It could possibly be a drysocket. If it is, your dentist could easily fix it and you wont have anymore pain.
When i was there yesterday they said it looked fine so there is no dry socket. Also, it responds to pain meds which I guess dry sockets typically don't.
Re: HELP!! Severe pain in one spot after wisdom teeth extraction

It is Sunday (day 6) and the pain has not stopped. I also have had a DISGUSTING taste in my mouth. The pain radiates from what feels like bottom right and extends up to my cheekbone and along my jawbone to where they intersect near mt ear. Also, when I lay my head down to sleep every bone in my face and head THROBS so I have to sleep sitting up. Any input from one of the docs on here??? I go back to the doc on Tuesday.

Could it be infection? because that can cause a bad taste.
Yes, my friend who used to work at an oral surgeon's said it sounds like an infection. But wouldn't they have noticed that when I went in on Friday?
Sounds like it could very well be a dry socket. You're best to go in to have it rechecked as by this time it should be showing some improvement rather than going the way it is. Sometimes it is difficult to tell in the early stages whether a dry socket is developing.
Well I went in again today after I saw a black hole in my back right toothless spot. At first the nurse didn't see it. Then she found it. Then she rinsed it out and out came some stinky stinky food. She then packed it with this nasty tasting clove paste (although it is less gross than the disgusting taste and smell i have had in my mouth). The pain went away within an hour. She mentioned that my stitches need to come out and wasn't I brushing? The dr didn't mention anything about the stitches. So I brushed them a little harder and they started bleeding. Oh---and get this----last Friday when I went in complaining of pain the Dr asked what I had eaten since he saw something yellow on the top left side. I couldn't remember what and didn't think much of it. So today, Monday, I was doing some more vigorous swishing on the top left and out came a kernel of corn!!!!!! HE DID NOT REMOVE THE PIECE OF FOOD WHEN HE SAW IT ON FRIDAY!!!???? Isn't that disgusting. That piece of corn was from the night of my surgery and smelled to high heaven. Also, the dr didn't give me a syringe to flush out the areas (Friday when I went in they said they would give it to me next appt). What do I do about the stitches?

Anyway, I am done with this dr. I am going back to my regular dentist who referred him and am going to have her take care of it. This is so disgusting to me. I have been in CRAZY AWFUL pain sucking on my tooth pus while they were just acting like I was a wimp. Stupid dr. Sorry to vent but I am really annoyed and pissed that I suffered for days when it could have been prevented. At the very least, they could have told me to check in, etc or that the pain should not continue on. I knew something was wrong.

sorry..........thanks for listening.
You could have your regular dentist take them out for you if they are due to come out with assistance. Not all dentists give out irrigation syringes all of the time as in most cases they aren't really required.