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Severe Pain in Teeth Surrounding Extraction Site



Junior member
Mar 22, 2014

I had a tooth extracted Tuesday afternoon. I followed the after care instructions exactly as they were written, and everything is healing just fine. Even though the dentist told me I could eat on the side of my mouth that had the extraction "as soon as the numbing wears off," I decided not to do that to allow it time to heal. The tooth in front of the extraction feels funny (numb, tingly, and itchy), which I'm not surprised about because it was the same sensation I got on another tooth near a different extraction a few years ago.

What I didn't expect was the severe pain in the tooth behind the extraction when I chewed on that side of my mouth for the first time today (four days after the extraction). I was so shocked by the pain, I couldn't chew for a moment. I immediately switched to the other side and finished my lunch.

But now I'm wondering, WHAT GIVES?? Why does that molar hurt so badly? It feels like the root of it is stabbing my jawbone or like there's a small fracture in my jaw bone under that tooth. I don't know what to make of it. What's causing the pain? How long will it take to heal so I can chew on that side of my mouth again?
To be honest a dentist would be the best person to ask because they can look in your mouth and see what is going on.
Hi WELCOME to the forum :waves::waves::waves:

I agree with patient, please go and see the dentist. :butterfly:
I've found the pain isn't as bad when I'm eating things that are softer. But it's still quite uncomfortable and I find myself avoiding that side of my mouth altogether. I know it can take a long time for the mouth to recover from a surgical extraction. I was unprepared for the pain in the teeth next to the extraction to be like this.

To top it off, I'm sick and haven't been recovering from that too well either. I think it's added several days healing time to the extraction site.
I think that if you are already sick then it may well take a bit longer for the extraction site to feel better and the surrounding teeth too. Your body is fighting quite a bit so give it a bit longer. If things don't improve or if you are still worried then go and see your dentist.

I think as long as you feel an improvement with each day and aren't in a lot of pain that pain meds won't touch then you should be fine.

I am not a dentist and I don't have any medical knowledge it is just my opinion from my own experiences. If in doubt contact your dentist. :butterfly:
My dentist never returned my phone call about the pain in my teeth. But my son had to see a dentist for pain in his teeth (some kid knocked into him in gym class and it knocked a baby tooth loose that was ready to come out). While there, I asked the dentist about the pain in my teeth. He said it's completely normal, especially with a surgical extraction, and I should take it slow and allow it time to heal. Since then, there's been a huge improvement in the pain level when I bite down on food, but it also depends on what I'm eating. Nothing hard or the pain is intense, even now. Soft foods or semi-soft foods have been best.

Because of the illness, I wound up with some irritation in my gums in the front and along the top left side. The right side of my mouth is where the extraction was, so pretty much my whole mouth hurts when I eat, and I find myself just wanting to take the minimum number of bites so I can stop eating without feeling hungry. Good for the scale, I suppose. :giggle: