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Severe Phobia and Bottom Dentures



Junior member
Feb 26, 2018
Hello Everyone

I'm hoping to get some advice and encouragement, as I have such a terrible phobia of dentists which is why I've not been near one for about 30 years!

Just to fill you in, I already have top dentures, which were fitted about 30 years ago, under sedation and I've never had any problems with them at all. I never need fixative, the never move, and I'm happy with them.

However, as I've aged, my bottom teeth (all my own) have became rotten and the spaces in between them has got wider, as I've got older.

I'm getting married in June this year and I decided I needed to do something as he wedding photos would be awful if I didn't. Also, my 24 year old son died earlier in the year, from a brain tumour, and he always went for his check-ups, and never had a fear. So I was thinking, I'm doing it for him.

I'm going to for my first appointment this evening, to have my first impressions. Just the thought of walking in, makes me want to cry!

So, the plan is to replace my top dentures, extract my own bottom teeth, and replace with dentures, all under sedation.

My main worry is that afterwards, I won't be able to get used to the bottom dentures, as I hear so many people say that they can't wear them and they have to use fixatives etc.

All I want is to waken up, have new teeth, and know that the whole nightmare is over!

Please help
Hi and welcome Digby, you are in the right place here. Happy to hear about your wedding in June, congratulations! And really sorry to hear about your son, you must have had a very hard time recently. :( What a lovely thought, to do it for him.. I am sure this gives you a lot of strength.

All the best for your appointment today, you are being very courageous.

I have a strong faith in the modern dentistry and believe that if you, afterwards, had any problems with the dentures, a dentist can andjust it or find a way to fix it easily... I mean they studied really hard to become a dentist and there are also the dental lab people with their education, it must be possible to make dentures comfortable and fitting.. you will be fine.

All the best wishes and good luck for your impressions today, hope you have a lovely dental team and get taken good care of. Let us know how you are doing.:)
Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I went in and he said to me that he understood I was concerned about having bottom dentures and I said that was correct. He agreed that it could be a problem and I could end up having to use fixatives etc.

He had a good look at my bottom teeth again, and checked the x-ray that had been done six months ago - (It too me that long to pluck up courage to go back!). Then he said that my teeth could be saved and I might not need dentures! He explained that I'd need to undergo a thorough hygienist session and he'd do everything he needed to do while I was sedated and that I could have a bridge!

He went on to explain what a bridge was exactly and how it was permanent and could last 10 years or so!

No need for dentures!

It costs a lot more than what my dentures were going to cost, but I'm going to go ahead and try that!

Quite relieved but still worried sick about going for next few appointments