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severe phobia



Junior member
Mar 6, 2018
Hello all! So I recently discovered I have a pretty severe dental phobia. I have avoided going for around 5 years and didn't realize it was anxiety related until my husband made me an appointment. The entire week before it was all I could think about and had several mini panic attacks. I took a Xanax before I went (first time taking one, and I have no history of any anxiety or panic attacks) but apparently it takes an hour to kick in.

Long story short, it was so severe they couldn't even clean my teeth and I had to leave. I did make it through enough to know I need a number of fillings as well as a deep clean which they cant do in one sitting. They are going to give me oral valium and nitrous. Just looking for some reassurance that those will be enough. I also can't afford it all, but I guess I'll worry about that later (insurance covers less than half of the $5000 I need done). Oh, and my husband thinks I am crazy now because this came out of nowhere.


Jan 11, 2018
I've had a dental phobia for years as well. I went for a dental consultation at the end of January and found out o need some flings, a deep clean & 4 teeth extracted. I, too, was really scared. At the consultation, I cried. Anyways, this clinic only has oral sedation (Ativan). I've had 2 appointments so far for a tooth cleaning (still not done) and it went great. I have another 2 appointments before my whole mouth is cleaned. I took baby steps and I didn't bring my spouse either. I didn't have anyone. Can you pinpoint what you are really concerned about (needles, the unknown, pain, etc) I was really scared but my hygienist was really nice and so were the office staff. I go again next week for more cleaning. But I'm thinking that my next appointment after that I want to get the cleaning finished & the teeth pulled. I just think of something that course be worse and focus on that but that's just me. Good luck


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Apr 23, 2015
United Kingdom
I have dental anxiety myself but still go. good luck