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Severe teeth



Junior member
Nov 30, 2023
New York
I haven’t been to a dentist in many years. My mom had a fear of the dentist because when she was younger her cousin had a tooth pulled and it got infected shortly after. But now my teeth are pretty bad. I have one tooth that is gone now and gets occasional abscesses, one that broke, and the rest are starting to get cracks and small holes in them. I didn’t take the best care of my teeth when I was younger but in recent years I floss, brush twice a day, use a tongue scraper and fluoride mouthwash and it seems like they just keep getting worse. I know leaving my teeth as they are won’t fix anything but I can’t get over the fear that when I finally go to the dentist, I’ll have a problem similar to my mom’s cousin. I can’t really imagine any way that my teeth could be extracted without a further infection or that the cracked and broken ones could be fixed instead of eventually breaking out
Hey I am sorry you are having to deal with this. I can relate, I didn't see a dentist for 19 years. If it is any use, I had a tooth extracted and a dental implant put in while I had infected impacted wisdom tooth in my mouth . I didn't get an infection where the tooth was extracted, even though I had that other infection going, and when I had the dental implant, the dentist just gave me antibiotics and I was protected from any infection problems. I had also had antibiotics when I did get an infection with absess on the the tooth that had to be extracted and that cleared it up, I also had a prescription mouthwash that time. Later on I got four more teeth extracted and didn't have any infections, and that was without antibiotics. I think if you get an extraction it usually doesn't get infected, in my case it didn't happen even the time I had another infection, and if you do get an infection, it can be no big deal you just go to a dentist, or in my case I went to an online urgent care telehealth doctor, and get some antibiotics and maybe that mouthwash. It might be that treatment is better now than when your mom was younger.
@NervousUSA Thank you for your response! It honestly really does give me hope. It honestly never really occurred to me that it could’ve been dated technology or technique I just remember always hearing the story growing up and thinking I was just destined to be the same way
@AR9 I'm glad it is useful! I really do think things with dentistry and also home cleaning options have advanced alot. I have had way less problems with cavities and decay than my parents, and I can tell that both dental technology and home cleaning products and practices are way better with my generation than with theirs. My parents had pain going through procedures that are painless now because of improvements with local anesthetic. When they were kids often dentists didn't even give local anesthetic for procedures like fillings where it is now always given. I think it is likely if your mom's cousin had her tooth extracted today she would not have those infection problems, or if she did, it would be easily treated.
Thank you so much! It truly is useful to me! I know lately I’ve been using alot of home cleaning products and I think they’ve come a long way even since we were kids I remember my dad scraping my teeth with a metal hook and my mom buying me these painful things that looked like mascara brushes to clean between my teeth and I much prefer the floss and tongue cleaners I use now!