Severely decayed wisdom



Jul 15, 2018
I have major dental anxiety and put off a lot of work and now paying he price ! I have two teeth that need extraction been referred to oral surgeon but have to wait unil august 13th. My upper wisdom tooth has a massive hole in I’m in so much pain, on antibiotics currently day 4. The pain is now intermittent but shoots along my jar. I don’t no how I’m going to get through the next 4 weeks,, I’m also scared of the extraction I’m having it under local can i drive after ? Are upper wisdom teeth easier than lower to remove? Will my jaw get broken so scared of that to .. any experiences or helpful words ?? Thanks


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Sep 18, 2017
Hi Natalie,

sorry to read you are so much in pain, I couldn‘t imagine making it through 4 weeks like this.. could you give them a call and ask to be seen earlier?
As for the extraction, try not to worry much. I had all 4 wisdoms out at once with just a local and it was very quick and easy. So I am sure your one will be quick and easy. Uppers are easier to remove so that‘s good news too.
I wouldn‘t recommend you to drive (stress and the feeling after the local could make it harder for you to concentrate).