Severely dental phobic -read 2 many horror stories

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Nov 7, 2006
Hi, I think this website is great but have scanned it to see if there is anyone closely similar to myself with good news stories to share but haven't found anything yet :(

I have a tooth that has broken off right at the gumline and has been like that for many years since having root canal on it and never returning to have it completed hence tooth eventually broke off.

Today and for the past few days it has been throbbing severely, like someone is shoving a poker in the gum, there is swelling now on the top inside of my mouth so I know there is infection there.

I've had this before and just got antibiotics and the pain and swelling went away so never went back, this was after the dentist I saw told me the tooth was severely infected and the worst he'd ever seen in all his dental years thus I freaked out.  Not long after I read in our state newspaper that a woman nearly died and had to have an emergency tracheotomy done due to severe swelling after having an infected tooth removed as the swelling was closing over her airways.  That did it for me, I vowed never to return to the dentist to have this tooth taken out, I've only had 2 temp fillings on other teeth in the last 2 years and that was  hard enough as I felt like I was choking numerous times and couldn't breathe.

I'm not so worried about the procedure ie needles etc but the after effects as in the swelling from the extraction and it getting so bad it's closing over my throat.  I'm petrified that the years and years of leaving the tooth in my mouth rotting at the gum as it's completely black where its broken off and around the gum on either side will cause the toxins to enter into my bloodstream when they take the tooth out and I could die.  I read on the net that a girl had a tooth taken out in Darwin N.T Australia and died not long after , just collapsed in front of a friend and dropped dead.

Another person got an infection when in hospital from having something removed, not a tooth and the toxins went into her body and she died.

I'm so scared, I'm scared of having to go under as the last dentist told me I would have to have the tooth surgically removed and stitched and being overweight, it's not advisable to go under general anaesthaetic due to being too risky so I dont want this.

Please help with advice or success stories to similar situations as above.  If our paper never published that story with the woman in our city who had to have an emergency tracheotomy from severe swelling after extraction and the net publishing the story about the young woman collapsing and dying after an extraction, Idont think I'd be quite as phobic.

Its the panic attacks and phobia Im fearing AFTER the procedure when the tooth is removed and the swelling.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.


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Oct 26, 2005
Re: Severely dental phobic -read 2 many horror sto

Hi Charlie & :welcome: I am sorry you are having a difficult time with this. Dentists typically do not remove a tooth until the infection has cleared up, therefore preventing the conditions you have posed. I had a coworker who had a severly infected tooth and I sent her to my dentist. The first thing he told her was that due to the infection, he would have to wait to remove the tooth. She went on antibiotics for 10 days, before he removed the tooth. And all went fine for her. :) I have had many...many teeth removed and believe me everything went smoothly. If a tooth has gone bad, it is best to remove it to prevent furthur infections in the mouth.

You could pose your questions on the "Dentistry questions " section. There the dentists would be able to address all of your concerns about infections and extractions.