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shaking and heart racing after injection/shot



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Feb 23, 2012
Hi, I had a injection 2 days ago for root canal treatment. I'm always terrified when I go to the dentist and it takes all my strength to actually enter the building let alone sit in the chair lol. Its good to hear that other people also experience the shaky feeling after injection. About 5 mins after the injection i started shaking and my heart was racing!! Mid way through the root canal, which I would say was maybe 15-20 mins I had to go for x-ray and omg, I couldn't stop shaking, not pleasant to say the least. Also during the procedure I felt sick and like i was going to pass out. I tried to concentrate on my breathing and put it to the back of my mind but I did it. I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks and at one point panic attacks controlled my life, was scared of doing everything through fear of having a panic attack and the dentist is one of my biggest phobia's anyway. So all these symptoms I experienced during the procedure I put down to my mind playing tricks and battle my way through the treatment. I put off going to the dentist during the years I had severe anxiety and panic and now i'm suffering for it, loads of fillings etc to do but if i'd of gone in the first place maybe it wouldn't of been so bad:) Oh and as soon as I get out of dentist all the symptoms pass. I never mentioned to my dentist all the feeling I had but I have the most none understanding dentist that doesn't care if your scared, just get the job done:o Maybe its time to find a new one but not easy on NHS now a days and can't afford private:cry:
I think you maybe should look for a new dentist. You need someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. I know it is hard on the NHS but good dentist are out there with the NHS I had to find one myself last year. Try looking up dentists in or near you area and e mail them or phone and explain how you feel and see how they react to you. Good luck with your quest.
Next time ask that your dentist use epinephrine-free novocaine. Epinephrine is adrenaline, which helps constrict the local blood vessels to keep the novocaine around longer, but it also makes some people feel bad and all dentists have epi-free locals on hand.
Your symptoms sound EXACTLY like mine, as well as the fact I have panic attacks/anxiety for other things but the dentist is one of my big ones. I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone at feeling this way. I wish you could go to a different dentist that is more understanding since i think that can help a lot but i know depending on your dental insurance and funds that isn't always an option. I'm also paying the price right now for my dental phobia with needing more work done. Hearing I need something new done can just send me into a panic. The worst part for me is the injection and the racing heart and omg the shacking and feeling faint, I can't tell you how bad I have had that in the past. It was sooo bad that I thought this can't be panic this is way worse, there must be something really wrong that I can't take injections.
I went to sedation and gas as an option and which really showed me it wasn't the injection it was ALL just anxiety. And the fact that when you leave the office and feel better really shows it's all the bad stuff your telling yourself. Because of cost and just didn't want to get sedated every time I tried for the first time in years getting the shoot without sedation or gas. I did however take some xanax. That is something you might look into just to help take the edge off. For my appointment I went in "on my xanax" but still scared and I brought a long a little bag with a blanket and a cool pack "just incase" I felt faint or started to shake. Well it actually went well. I told myself novacane is a very safe medicine and I'm just glad it's there so I don't have to feel the pain. I know it can cause heart racing which I did get, even with the xanax and I told myself my heart racing is not going to hurt me, it's normal and it will pass. Keep in mind with the heart racing that is something you have felt many many times in your life and it won't hurt you. It races when you exercise, it races when you have panic attacks but it always slows down and returns to normal. I have to go in Thursday for a scaling which they will use novacane again, I'll be on less xanax and like before I am nervous. But it's ok to be nervous and it's ok to feel strange from novacaine. I really wish you had another option for a dentist that was nicer but if you don't just know everything your feeling is normal and it's "just anxiety". Anyway I hope this helps. :)
Hi, thanks so much for your reply, its good to hear there are other people who suffer the same symptoms! Since my last post i've been again to the dentist but this time just for a filling. I've got to say it was no where near as bad as the root canal. I felt ill for 2 days after that treatment but after my filling I was fine. Still felt a little shaky after the injection and my heart was racing a little but no where near as bad as last time thank god lol Also I feel my confidence is growing in my dentist as he is a new dentist. I was on private but he left the practice and now works miles away from where I live so continuing to see him was impossible for me. Just 1 more filling to go I think and then all done for 6 month:jump:. It is awful having work done but its got to be done and alot better if you just keep up to your check ups.
I am so pleased to hear that your appointment went better than last time, you did it WELL DONE :jump: :jump: :jump:

Are you afraid of needles (not only at the dental office but also in a hospital)?
I ask because it is a known thing that patients who are afraid of needles develop the "fight flight or fright" reaction a minute or two after the injection.

A good way to avoid it is by having a few minutes rest after the injection. This way the anesthesia will word better (it takes a few minutes for a full effect) and you can have a restful pause.

As Ink said, using an epinephrine free anesthesia is also beneficial.:)
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