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Sharp focal pain after visit to dentist



Junior member
Dec 15, 2021
Hello. Finally put my apprehension away to see my dentist in a long time for a checkup. Noticed some roughness with my tongue when playing with my upper back molar. Dentist said needed a small filling. Xrays showed no pathology. I was releived no end that just a small quick filling. The xrays show it is a very superficial area, nowhere near the nerve canal and no pathology at the tip if the roots. The root canal is absoluetly not compromised and the dentist says so too. 2 days later when i chew on that side I get terrible sharp root canal like focal pain when chewing on anything. No sensitivity at all with hot or cold stuff. ONLY really striking pinpoint focal pain Went back to dentist. Reviewed xraays and looked for cracks and all ok. Filed down in case high spots. Made no difference. Tooth now maybe even more sensitive to chewing- again just the sharp focal pain. No throbiing pain or pain otherwise. White filling, not amalgam. When I bit on that stick for pressure check at the dentist OMG it was literally root canal pain. Again I must stress that the xrays are squeaky clean and my tooth was not painful before the filling. She has suggested she has no idea how to explain the pain other than the fluid in the dentine is causing this pain and that this is a very rare thing. There is no dental pain at all when doing normal things. I am petrified but I think I need this filling replaced and redone as have heard elsewhere this all could be explained by the filling material which is layered in planes may have "shrunk' when heated/bonded and maybe this does need replacing? What are your thoughts please. Repeat post filling xrays unremarkable.

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