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Sharp, intense pain on specific points of white fillings 3 weeks after



Junior member
Jun 11, 2013
Hi, I would greatly appreciate any help as to whether I should wait a few more weeks or make a new appointment.

Three weeks ago I had a few white fillings done and two in particular are still bothering me quite a bit. They are the molars furthest back on the bottom left and bottom right, if that matters. When chewing hard or chewy food I can receive a sharp jolt of pain on these teeth, but it's clearly only when a very specific point is being touched. Brushing can do it as well, maybe even more painful when one of the bristles finds the exact spot. I can also trigger it with my fingernail after looking for it.

I haven't found much searching the Internet except a very few places that seem to describe it exactly. They all suggest air bubbles or pockets or poor bonding near the surface that cause a sharp pain at a particular point, but some say it will require a new filling and others say it can go away after weeks or months.

Really, any information at all would be very welcome. Eating is difficult because I'm worried about setting it off. While the pain is brief it is very unpleasant. Should I wait to see improvement or am I likely going to need to go back? Thanks very much.
Your bite probably needs to be adjusted. Go back.
I agree with the doc! A simple grinding down of the high points will probably solve your problem. It's always hard to judge when your mouth is numb if the teeth are fitting properly. The dentist should fix this at no charge (IMHO)

Your bite probably needs to be adjusted. Go back.

Even if the pain cannot be reproduced by placing my teeth together? It's only with food.
Then it may be a bonding issue and the filling will be redone. Either way, it should be at no charge.