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Sharp pain after root canal and Onlay vs. Crowns



Junior member
Jan 8, 2017
Hello everyone,

A little backstory. I have a rare immune disease that causes multiple autoimmune issues and fail to protect my teeth. This causes a lot of decay and dry mouth. I have two implants already, 2 crowns, and multiple future crowns. I am posting today about two issues... I apologize in advance for all the writing!

I ended up switching dentists this month after he failed to take X-rays and missed multiple cavities (said I was just overly sensitive). Upon switching the new office told me I would need two crows but to wait for the new year for my insurance to renew. In the meantime, I needed a root canal on one of the teeth. While the dentist was working on the root canal, she also started work on the second tooth and concluded I would have an onlay instead of a crown.

This has been tough because I can't really chew now... the root canal tooth is the third to the last on the right top side, and the onlay tooth is third to the last on the top left side. (Apparently I am very symmetrical with my issues lol).

I am nervous now though that maybe an onlay is not the right choice because the temporary filling is insanely sensitive to cold and sore every now and then. It already fell out after the first few hours (while drinking water). The new temporary is also very sensitive though... I don't really think the bight is off or anything. Now I am concerned that an onlay will not offer enough protection and fall out. It will be in the office in two weeks. Do you think I should call and ask for a crown instead? Does anyone have experiences with onlays vs. crowns?

My second concern is with the root canal tooth... I had the root canal finished 3 days ago. Today I had a crown prep and temporary crown put on. I am still rather sore... and when I try to chew on it there is a lot of sharp pain. Is this normal for the third day after completing a root canal?

I can't eat... I can barley drink, I am so frustrated and nervous about all of this. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!
Onlays are a more conservative solution than a crown and can help extend the life of the tooth. It's definitely a good option in certain situations.

A tooth that has just had a root canal is typically quite sore. This soreness can last for several weeks. At only three days past your root canal, I wouldn't be too concerned. Give it a bit more time and it should settle down.