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Sharp pain in top and bottom teeth with anything hot



Junior member
Nov 25, 2019
Two months ago I had a lower right tooth extracted as couldn't bear anything hot touching it. Root canal treatment was suggested , starting with a dressing filling, then a new filling, then if that failed then the root canal. I couldn't stand the thought of all the drilling and filling so went with the extraction. Ever since the tooth next to the extraction gives a horrid sharp pain when anything hot touches it, food drink etc. Cold is ok. I don't understand why. Also get a lot of very dull ache in the jaw.

Also the top teeth immediately above have been very painful for weeks, and again on one of them (not sure which) reacts badly to anything hot.

My dentist sent me away with metronidazole as she wondered if I have some sort of small infection.
I wasn't happy about this so have had a second opinion.

The second dentist couldn't have been more thorough and I liked her very much... however, after several xrays , and a complete check up she, too, can't see anything wrong. In fact she said if I was visiting for just a general check up she would say my teeth are absolutely fine... tip top !! But the pain persists.

She agreed there is the small chance there is an infection that doesn't show on the xrays , although she assures me there is no sign of abscess....and prescribed erythromycin .

I am very allergic to both penicillins and cephalosprins , and I know the other two are nothing like these, but the side effects really scare me.

Please, why are teeth both top and bottom reacting so badly to hot ? She said root canal treatment is the only option.

And why do my top right teeth hurt so much? Doesn't keep me awake at night thank goodness, and sometimes not so intense.

She "filed" the teeth a tiny bit in case my bite was off. But seems she cannot help me. I'm getting really down about this.... do you think I should try one of the antibiotics .. just seems a bit severe seeing as both dentist think there "might" be some infection?

Sorry for the long post... thanks for reading :thankyou:
Hi Minnie2,

Can I just say that I have been a big fan or you since I was a kid, I was not so keen on your brother Micky and quite frankly your dog Pluto gets on my nerves but I digress...

I am sorry to hear you are having this pain. It must be very frustrating and worrying that it is taking so long to get to the bottom of it. It does not surprise me to hear that the antibiotics have had no effect. Pain brought on by hot stimuli is rarely, if ever caused by infection.
I think the idea of experimenting with adjusting the bite may have been a good one as bite issues are a know cause of sensitivity. However, it looks like it was not the cause in your case.
Yoy say you have had two examinations, one very thorough with x-rays and the dentists could not identify the cause. My guess as to possible causes would be:
1) Sensitivity from exposed root surfaces at the gum line. If you are an aggressive brusher this can wear into the sensitive and delicate root surfaces. This can be aggravated if you enjoy and acidic diet such as smoothies, grazing on fruit, fizzy or sports drinks or sipping dry white wine. Als if you suffer from reflux the stomach acid could be contributing. Try using desensitising toothpastes and cutting back on acidic foods and drinks for a while. If this is the cause it should improve in about 3 -4 weeks.
2) if your teeth have any large fillings or crowns they nerve under these may be upset even thought he tooth looks OK on the x-ray. If this is the case, the symptoms will gradually change and locate on the offending tooth, although this can sometimes take quite a while.
I have a couple of these cases on the go where I am really not sure what the cause is. In order to avoid root treating or extracting the wrong tooth I am keeping them under review for now. I have asked the patients to give me a call if anything changes so we can decided if it is worth getting them in for another look. This helps me build up a picture of how things are changing and saves them the expense of unproductive visits.
Sorry this is not much help, although I will say that the fact that the pain does not wake you at night means that there is a good chance you do not need a root canal or extraction.
Hope this helps a little

Thanks Lincoln for your reply. Firstly, due to the fact I am scared to try.. I haven't taken any of the antibiotics .. neither the metronidazole.. nor the erythromycin. I just keep putting it off as so worried about how they night affect me. Stupid, I know as they may just help.

These have been prescribed, not for the pain I get with hot stuff, but for the jaw pain in my top teeth, one of which reacts to "hot". This pain seems to be right under the filling where the teeth join the gum so to speak .. these three big teeth have large amalgam fillings, and although all looks clear on the xrays, of course there may be some infection not showing up.. or decay? Although both dentist seems to thinks my teeth look fine.

I don't think I brush hard . I use an electric toothbrush and really just hold it on my teeth. I floss twice daily and use the little teepee brushes. And I don't eat or drink any of the things you mention, but I do have a small glass of red wine each evening.

I have been using Corsodyl toothpaste for a long time, which dentist no 2 suggested I stop as it is quite abrasive, and recommended Zendium which I have been using for a few days now. I appreciate I will need to use this type of toothpaste for much longer though to see if it makes any difference, but I sort of don't think it will . I have suffered with BMS for many years and regular toothpastes can make my mouth burn all the more and the Corsodyl suited better.

I do feel that if only I didn't get this awful pain with hot things , it would be more bearable, but I am getting pretty anxious and fed up with it all, as I'm so worried nothing will get better unless I have all the wretched things out.

I have looked after my teeth meticulously, and visited the dentist twice a year for years and years.. so I am downhearted.

Many thanks Lincoln... I guess I will just have to bite the bullet, and take the antibiotics. I am probably going to start the erythromycin, as dentist no 2 was so nice and I felt so thorough that I trust her more.... and she said she wouldn't have prescribed the metronidazole.

Oh dear !
Hey Minnie2,
I know this is getting to you but try not to be downhearted.
I really do not think the antibiotics will make any difference to the hot related pain, so don't beat yourself up about not taking them just yet.
You will not loose all three teeth with large fillings. At worst you may need treatment on one of them once it becomes apparent which one is the cause of the problem.
I am very impressed with your cleaning regime that will really help to prevent problems in the future.
Hope you feel better. What is the active ingredient in Zendium? I have got the most help from toothpastes with Stannous Fluoride though you need more.