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Sharp Shooting Pain After Filling Today - Please help!!



Junior member
Sep 24, 2014
I had three fillings today on my top left side. One of which was very deep and he had to drill out the entire tooth. It's a molar, but not the one in the very back. It's more on the side. He said that we'll have to watch it and gave me warning signs to look for as far as infection. The numbness has been gone for hours, but now I have been experiencing a sharp shooting pain in the tooth as if something is on a nerve. I am not doing anything like eating or anything or even biting down. The pain is lifting me off my seat and very scary. Should I be concerned? TIA!!
Hi I would contact your dentist and let them have a look and advise you. Sometimes when a deep filling is done it can take some time to settle down, it can also be that you may need some antibiotics if and infection is present. This may also need a rct if the filling is too near the nerve.

All the best to you :butterfly: