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Sheffield, Totley



Aug 14, 2020
I have had good experiences at OneEighty Dental, 180 Baslow Road, Totley in Sheffield. It's a private practice with a small team of gentle, kind and sympathetic dentists who have a strong interest in treating anxious and phobic patients. www.one80dental.co.uk
Hi Thecatsmother,

many thanks for the review! :) Would you mind sharing which dentist you have been working with and a little bit more about how exactly they helped you with your anxiety?

All the best wishes
The dentist is Rebekah Stone - I've just started on my journey with her. She offered Zoom meetings so I can ask questions and get to know her and the team before I go into the surgery, and they work with in-house CBT psychologists to help anxious patients with coping techniques for treatment. IV sedation is also offered if required. Everyone is kind, understanding and sympathetic.

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