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Should I Be Concerned Or Is This Normal?



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Aug 3, 2017
Washington State
Hello all. In the moment, I am working on getting my insurance back and will be able to head to the dentist in a few weeks but I am a bit concerned.

I've had a white patch in my mouth, (in the area just above the bottom wisdom teeth) that would come and go the last 2 years. It's hard and white and it's painful. This time, it's sticking around longer than usual and it hurts very bad. One of the lumps are growing and seem to be attached to the other. The pain is accompanied by a very sore throat, a swollen lymph node and irritated tonsils. It's getting super irritating to deal with but there's nothing I can do at the moment.

I usually don't worry about this since it comes and goes and I just assumed it was from biting the inner cheek. I also have to say that I have a medium sized cyst on the other side of my mouth from a dead tooth. A dentist put a filling there, now there's been a lump for about a year. A dentist advised me to get a biopsy. (I assumed this was standard procedure.)

Should I be worried about these white painful patches/lumps in a more severe wag or does this look like just a standard infection? and what is going on here?

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It needs to be checked by a dentist. Many things it could be, mostly harmless, but some not so harmless. Get it looked at.