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Should I be worried about gum disease?



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Nov 5, 2021
I went to the dentist last week and they measured my pockets. Mostly 2 and 3’s, which honestly, better than I expected since I haven’t had a professional cleaning in 10 years

However, on my wisdom tooth on one side it measures 4 in a couple of spots. She said I only had bleeding on two teeth and no receding gums. Before I got to ask her about the 4 pockets, her husband called for an emergency and she had to leave. Then the dentist came in and distracted me.

Now I’m obsessing over it. I am getting the tooth removed in 3 weeks along with my other wisdom tooth. Should I expect improvement after that? I’m worried about the second molar next to it, I guess. I’m pretty sure it measured 3 all around.

I am babying my teeth like crazy every day now…but should I be worried about irreversible gum disease with a couple 4 pockets? For reference, I’m in US. I don’t know if it’s a different scale in the UK.

I’m thinking of calling tomorrow and asking if I can come in for a quick chat with the hygienist after work…but I’m gonna spiral until then I guess. Plus with the holiday weekend in the US starting tomorrow, they might not have time for me until next week.

I won’t be able to get in for a cleaning until mid January after my extractions heal for a few weeks
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Don't panic. Gum disease is a very slow process and takes years before there are real problems. Those numbers you're throwing about aren't very helpful without knowing what they refer to. Are they mm? BPE Index scores?
If there's not much bleeding on probing then there is very little active disease going on so whatever is happening it's not serious. It's fine to wait till next week to get clarification from the hygienist, there is really no cause for alarm at all.
Hi Gordon, it is mm
In that case, you've not got much cause for concern. Also, how old are you?
I’m 28…haven’t had a cleaning in ten years so I’m hoping I can get everything back on track. Used to eat way too much sugar and not floss every day :(
Periodontal disease is generally a bigger issue for people in middle to late middle age. Even if you have a little bit, it's likely to be at the very earliest stages and easily cleared up.

Also diet has little to no effect on gum disease. Smoking does though, just in case...
Thanks Gordon. I don’t smoke so no problem there
Turns out, no, I should not be worried about gum disease at this time. I went to a second, better dentist today because I didn’t really like the first one

I was told my gums are healthy and no problem areas. I had a cleaning and will be back in 6 months for another. She said I’ve done a great job cleaning and barely had anything to scrape off for having not been in 10 years. Feels good!

Just gotta keep up the hygiene I’ve been doing and keep going for cleanings and hopefully my gums stay healthy ?