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Should I be worried root canal didn’t work?



Feb 5, 2020
Hey all! I had a root canal a week ago today on a bottom premolar. There was no infection — just a deep filling that caused inflammation and nerve pain. He said the tooth was very inflamed. I didn’t have a ton of pain in the tooth (a bit sensitive to pressure) but pain all along my jaw and up into my ears.

The root canal seemed to go well. There was actually quite a bit of trauma to the back side of the gums from the clamp of the dental dam causing a lot of pain in the gums. That seems to be resolving. but I am still feeling sensitivity when I bite, kind of an occasional “zing” to tapping, and kind of a generalized aching in the jaw along along beneath it. Sometimes pain in the show. Whole area sort of feels tender.

Everything online says a day or two so I’m concerned that I’m still feeling discomfort. It’s not pain but it’s definitely an ache that is still there. How long is too long for a root canal to settle?
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I'd give it a little longer, sometimes they can be a bit slow to fully settle down.