Should I get wisdom teeth pulled?



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Apr 14, 2021
I’m 40 and have all four wisdom teeth still. Top two are fully erupted and pointed towards cheeks. Bottom left is fully horizontal, very close to the nerve, asymptomatic, and barely visible. Bottom right is also horizontal, much more visible, is a paint to keep clean, and causes pressure but usually not pain on other molars. I had my consultation with an oral surgeon and he said left should be left alone as long as they are asymptomatic since the bottom is so close to the nerve and lower in the jaw. I’d need a ct scan for a game plan if that on ever needs to come out. As for as the right goes, he says usually if over 25, and not causing problems, leave them alone, but If they’re bothering me, take them out. It’s not close to the nerve so he is confident as far as that risk goes. He suggested I could possibly try a bite splint to see if that relieves the pressure. (That won’t help with the cleaning though or food getting stuck there.) I have managed to keep them clean so far and don’t have any decay in the neighboring tooth. I scheduled the surgery for two months from now when I left but am torn. I don’t see how I can go the rest of my life with it, but I suppose it doesn’t need to come out now. Should I undergo surgery just because of pressure on the two molars in front of it and because cleaning is difficult? On the fence and fear has prevented me from taking care of it as of yet. Thanks for any input.


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Sep 18, 2017
Hi Marylly,

it sounds to me like you are the person to decide this. Sadly, some things are not black or white. The question is whether the teeth bother you and whether this bothering is strong enough for you to have them extracted.
Are there any downsides to the extraction? Or anything specific that makes this decision difficult?

All the best wishes