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Should I go back again, find another dentist?



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Jan 26, 2022
Chicago, IL
On Friday, January 14 I went in for a routine check up, and wanted to point out a very small hole that I noticed in the Dentin of my six year molar. The hygienist and the dentist post agreed it was not yet a cavity, because it was not soft, but it was beginning of the tooth decay. The dentist suggested that we do quick drill and fill. This is only my second feeling in my whole life, and so I don’t really have much to go on. It was shallow, so no anesthesia was needed. She did it super quickly, in fact she was very clear to let me know that she had another patient waiting, I was out of the chair in seven minutes. All felt different but fine, no soreness or sensitivity, until started to eat. The feeling was high, and it was the first thing that touched when I brought my teeth together. It was annoying at first, and then over a couple of days became unmanageable. My whole jaw on that left side of my lower teeth were throbbing in pain, I couldn’t sleep . I called and said I needed an adjustment, which I know about only because I googled it. She didn’t say anything about possibly needing to check the bite. So I went, she did it super fast, and so does that feel OK? Then she shaves a tooth above it, too. She didn’t look at the filling afterward. I asked her how she could tell whether she was filing my real teeth or the filling that she put in, and she said “it doesn’t matter, as long as your bite feels better.” The bite does not hurt now, the teeth barely touch. It has taken over a week for the nerve pain to subside from the poor bite alignment. My main concern now is that the tooth itself is very sensitive at the surface where she ground the tooth down, and the filling feels not right. It is rough, and when I look closely I see two dots and a little squiggly line. Which makes me think that it’s not adhering to the teeth properly. With my tongue, I can feel where the filling begins on my tooth begins both at the front and the back of the tooth. The center feels “exposed,” tastes funny and deep. I called and asked her to call me back saying I was still in pain and had some questions, and that was two days ago. I haven’t heard back from her. My partner thinks im overreacting, but he also has a mouthful of problems he won’t address. What should I do? Do I wait a little longer? Go back? Or find somebody new? UGG Such a little thing to start…
I’ve never had a filling where they didn’t automatically check the bite afterwards!

It is normal to have fillings feel a little weird for a while since it’s a new thing in your mouth. Some sensitivity can be normal for a bit too. But if you’re having anxiety about it, a second opinion may make you feel better

If you trust her otherwise though, go back and have her check it again. Good luck!
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