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Should I reschedule my wisdom tooth extraction?



Junior member
Sep 8, 2010
I am 39 years old and due this Thursday to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed, 3 impacted (one with a cyst) and one partially erupted.

Last week I got sick with a cough, getting better every day but these things always linger for weeks with me. Basically I cough up a some phlegm in the morning then usually good for rest of day. I might have a dry cough 3-4 times a day, but nothing bad.

So really my biggest fear is getting dry socket from the coughing and spitting up stuff in the mornings.

Some places I read says not to spit for minimum of 24 hours, this I can probably manage, but I know I will have to cough and spit at least a few times in the days following.

Should I push this out another 7-10 days or just go for it? I have had alot anxiety of the build up to this and would rather just get it over with.




Staff member
Verified dentist
Oct 25, 2005
Just go for it. You're not likely to get a dry socket anyway, no matter what you do.