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Should l get an implant?



Junior member
May 3, 2018
Hi l had a lower molar removed 2 years ago and left a big gap , l have become used to eating without it, but would prefer to have it back , it would make chewing on that side easier and a better feeling of having a full set of lower teeth, but l could live without it. My dentist said he thinks theres still enough bone left for an implant but l should'nt leave it too long.
l am having trouble deciding if l should get an implant, first theres the cost $4,500 , l can afford it but it would mean having to give up other things l could have spent the money on. Also what is the risk of something going wrong such as permanent pain or other problems? Do most people who have implants pleased with it and glad they got it does it feel like having your old natural tooth back again. Can you help me decide
Niall Neeson

Niall Neeson

Well-known member
Verified dentist
Apr 18, 2019
Hi Ruffles,

It’s essentially a case of weighing up the benefits/ pros against the risks/ cons. That’s a very personal decision for anyone to make and depends on your day to day function, finances, the difference it would make to you but also your own anatomy (eg bone levels, position of nerve canals) and any associated risks.

Most dental implants are successful and settle down fine. Most people are pleased they got them. But every situation is unique. The opinion of others on this forum may help support your decision but ultimately it’s your mouth (and your money!

Other than that, I believe it’s a conversation for you to have with the dentist in relation to process, risks, post operative discomfort etc so you can find out the full picture and make an informed decision.