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should my extraction site be so open?? really worried



Junior member
Sep 12, 2018
Blackpool, England.
DAY 8 - Extraction

What should my site look like?? Mine is very open and there is only a tiny tiny tiny blood clot on the bottom.
I have an infection and taking antibiotics
I have a blood shot eye is this normal???? I also have pain in other teeth not the site itself.

I didn't look at mine. But it sounds like you should call the dentist office. And ask if they can take a look at it. I had swelling a week after, and they squeezed me in, he looked at it and said it's healing. Are you doing your salt water rinse several times a day. It's very important. Good luck. Call the dentist office during the day.
I already have he said it is infected. Iam doing salt water rinse, he gave me antibiotics. My site is just very very open
Hi! I'm 14 days out from a surgical extraction today and mine has been quite an open space and is still a wide extraction. I lost all the white granulation tissue at the start of this week and have been left with a shallower crater. Seems totally normally though based on the footprint of the tooth.