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Should we be taking a calcium supplement to aid dental health?



Sep 17, 2011
I realize that none of you are our personal doctors, and as such can't prescribe or recommend a course of action. However, do dentists sometimes recommend a calcium supplement to their patients to aid in teeth strength? I'm wondering if I should try one. My diet is very poor. I eat very little, and what I do eat is rarely very healthy except for juices. I get calcium in cheese, but I hate and do not drink milk. The orange juice I drink has added calcium. I take a regular chewable multivitamin, but it does not contain calcium.

Does anyone have input on whether taking a calcium supplement pill might be beneficial?
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It would be a total waste of time. If you want to take some extra pills for your teeth, try a Fluoride tablet, preferably sucked last thing at night.

Watch out for the acid and sugar in the juices.
Thanks Gordon. Is the answer just to get adequate calcium in the diet? Regarding the acid and sugar, you have to eat fruit and drink fruit juice, so you're going to be ingesting that. Years of soda (pop) intake have taken their toll on my teeth in the form of several cavities, but I rarely drink soda anymore. I drink one 2-quart container each of orange juice, cranberry juice and V8 V-Fusion juice every week, but in the last year I've become much more cognizant of not leaving it on my teeth for long afterward, washing my mouth out and brushing later.
I don't think you would like the calcium tablets if you took some, my mum takes them on prescription because of her bones. They taste horrible and she has to stay upright for half an hour after taking it once a week on a Sunday. She has to have them on an empty stomach as well, and they make her feel ill. I once got some from a supermarket but only took one they are nasty. I think you would be better trying to get it in food. :butterfly:
Once the teeth are erupted additional calcium intake will not help teeth however it has been shown that periodontal disease is worse with osteoporosis.
My mum has osteoporosis and I have arthritis, so I have blood tests every so often to see if I have developed it. Would periodontal disease show up pre osteoporosis as I have this and don't know why. I had early menopause in my 30's, so I am thinking this could have effected my mouth. Am I correct? :butterfly:
There's a big hormonal link to periodontal disease, so I would think that your menopause issues will also affect your gums.

The problem with periodontal disease is that we really haven't got much of a clue why it happens so it's hard to say whether osteoporosis is linked to it or it's a coincidence.
A recent German study found that taking calcium supplements raises the risk of heart attacks in women. :hmm:
Thank you Gordon, I think I will discuss this matter further with my dentist.

Sudzs, Hi I hope you are okay, that is interesting, I also watched a program some time ago that stated that the extra vitamins people buy can do more harm than good, because people can over load on the wrong vitamins and don't know what doses to give themselves, because we don't need so much of some. We need to know what we are getting naturally from the sun and food etc... it is a complicated road to start on. I think it is best to leave these things to a doctor who will advise us when we need to supplement our diet with tablets.

This is coming from someone who will do anything not to have to take any tablets, so maybe I am not the best person to comment on this. It is just my view. I always think, it is bad enough when we have to take things, or have procedure's done be it dental or medical, I just think, if it ain't broke don't fix it. :butterfly:I also have the view that each to their own, it is down to personal choice.;)