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Side effects?



Junior member
Oct 3, 2013
So yesterday morning a chunk of my lower right wisdom tooth broke off. Went to the dentist and she said its best for me to have it taken out and possibly the one above it since it wont have anything to rest on, both are not impacted. Anyways.. my fear isnt in the procedure itself.. its actually in the side effects afterwards. I havent met with the oral surgeon yet.. but my biggest fear is feeling nauseous and throwing up. i know, weird.. but its been my biggest fear since i was a kid. I've been knocked out before, a few years ago i had an endoscopy done and was knocked out for that. I woke up fine with no side effects of nausea or anything. I'm wondering if i was ok with that case, will i be ok with this if the oral surgeon decides to go with GA? there arent different kinds of GA are there, where i could have a different reaction to? And i've heard the pain killers could be the reason for the sickness too. Im hoping to not have to use any.


Some people have nausea after anesthesia, but if you reacted well in previous times, you should be OK. As for pain meds, they can cause nausea as well, but the right one at the right dose shouldn't.