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Signs you need a root canal or extraction



Apr 1, 2024
Are the signs and symptoms obvious? Can one’s tooth become irreversibly damaged or infected without much warning? I’m terrified of losing my teeth
Hi @Electricdaisy from your previous posts in sounded more like a periodontal problem, with the purulent discharge. Can you see a dentist to take a look at it?
Hi, yes. I have an appointment coming up with a periodontist in a few days. I’m just so worried it’s a tooth/teeth infection that requires root canal or extraction 😔. Just trying to gather as much info as possible to prepare myself 🙏
Great to hear that you managed to get an appointment. The most likely treatment would be cleaning out the periodontal pocket and then keeping on top of things with suggested home care and regular cleanings, so hopefully that is all it will take - fingers crossed 🤞!Please keep us updated on what the periodontist says.
Ok I will, thank you so much 🙏