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Silly food/anesthesia/numbing question



Well-known member
Apr 15, 2007
I'm having a deep cleaining done this upcoming monday at 8 am and I'm still not sure if I'd like to get numbed or not. The dentist told me that it typically doesn't hurt and I may not need it, and anytime I don't have to have any medicine is a good thing to me. I was wondering, however, if I DO go for numbing/whatever they do will I need to have food in my system or is that actually not good? Or, is the amount so minimal that it wouldn't matter either way? Thank you in advance and s'cuse the silly quesiton. Feeling bad is one of my worse fears. :redface:
Bit late now, sorry. Unless you're told differently, then it's always better to eat something before treatment under local anaesthetic.
Thanks, Gordon. :) I went without anything and it all went well. Still, your answer helps for when I have to get my small filling, thank you! :)

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