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silly reasons?



Junior member
Jan 31, 2011
ok well i wasn't sure where to post this exactly, but heres the story...
i have extremely bad teeth, i've had them for awhile and naturally they are only getting worse, the last time i seen a dentist my teeth were so bad that they asked me if i had done meth, thats how bad they are. (and no i haven't done any drugs, my teeth have been worse than mosts since like elementary school.)last time i saw the dentist was abt 6yrs ago, and i was planning to get them fixed then but my teeth are horribly bad and i have 2 that sit directly on my top nerves,and my teeth hurt terribly to brush (expecially those two.) they made me brush them last time no matter how bad they hurt, its a shooting pain through out my entire body almost like electricity. and it put me off from wanting to go back, now i'm back at the same point in my life of needing and wanting terribly to go back but i really can't brush, i just can't. i already know that all my teeth are going to have to go, i just wish they could just do it, without me having to brush, i know its gross and i understand them wanting me to do it, but i really can't. i've already learned that because of the two that sit on my nerves i will have to be put under while they pull them. i feel so stupid for not being able to go back just because of not being able to brush.
Hi pixie,

Firstly I believe any reason that makes you feel this way is far from silly, that implies its trivial, and I am hearing nothing trivial about how this feels for you.

You mention how much it hurts to brush and there seem to be many things that you are very frustrated about being unable to achieve. In my experience it is best to begin by looking at what we can achieve, no matter how small it is. Think creatively and see what you can do, baby brush? warm water? Even a cotton bud to begin with.

I promise there is always a way forward, don't be so hard on yourself, you are looking to tackle something that is a big deal for you.
my teeth are so bad, the dentist made such a big deal as to go as far as taking pics and saying we were doing before and after pics for some website.
as far as the being creative stuff goes, the top two that sit on my nerves hurt if ANYTHING touches them, can't even use liquids, i drink from a straw naturally, but i also have cavities in most of my teeth that if ANYTHING touches them its painful. even eating is a rough time for me, and i'm underweight and can't afford to be limited when i have a monsterous appitite. sometimes i'll be starving and take one bite and if it touches one tooth wrong i'm put out from the rest of the meal. i really don't know what to do, but i gotta do something because this was my 2011 goal. and its a goal that i entend to carry out.
You have set a goal, that's a great start. I am sorry to hear you feel so much pain. You need to be with a practitioner who you trust, and who is listening to you. This way you will both get to work towards your goal in the best way possible. Are you OK with the idea of being on the website?

Imagine how it would be to feel better about your teeth! It can and will happen, you said so! Eating sounds so hard, and living in fear of pain is never a good situation, the steps you are taking are full of anxiety at the moment but it can only get better as you work towards your goal...be sure that dentist hears all you need to say and deals with your most immediate concerns first. Your courage will bring you strength I am sure.
H2H ;)

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