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since having tooth out got cold like symptoms... anyone else had this ?



Junior member
Apr 17, 2018
hi im new to here,so hopefully i have posted in the right place..
i recently visited to dentist after 20+ years of avoiding it, wasnt as bad as i thought needed 4 exractions, 2 teeth were long gone so didnt miss them, 2 were just the fronts but needed pulling, ihave some decay on inside of my front teeth which dentist said can be filled, and 2 fillings.
up to now had the 4 teeth out in 2 sittings but when had last 2 out one top and bottom I have had symptoms of a cold, sore throat, pain in nose, was wondering if it was connected in any way to having the top tooth out (it did have a small abcess but it was draining and was so tiny didnt give me any pain, I had taken a course of amoxycillin and metrodizone 4 weeks prior to having this tooth out, sorry its a long drawn out message but wanted to explain everything.
Hi looby, it's unlikely that having the teeth removed is the cause of your cold symptoms.

What often happens though is that we are more susceptible to getting colds and infections when we are stressed or tired. So the stress (both physical and mental) of having these teeth removed could have indirectly contributed to you catching a cold.

I hope you are feeling better by now?
thanks I think I jumped the gun a little, ive become a bit too focused on my teeth since I took the plunge to get them sorted. It did turn out to be a cold that effected my sinuses, cleared up in a few days, just got two more appointments for fillings then the dentist said my mouth will be healthy again :) :jump: