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Single lower Wisdom tooth extraction with Nitrous and The Wand...done!



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Feb 8, 2010
Single lower Wisdom tooth extraction with Nitrous and Carbocaine with The Wand...it was NOTHING

I had been dreading getting any of my wisdom teeth extracted for a long time, and then sadly one became damaged beyond repair, and my dentist told me it needed to be extracted.

At first I was going to put it off until it became a real problem, but after discussing this with several people, and after finding out it would most likely not be a 'complicated' extraction, my dentist and I agreed to go ahead and extract it using Carbocaine plain (with The Wand) and Nitrous Oxide.

The worst part was the anticipation.

My mother came along with me and once the nitrous was turned on and topical was placed I was in a very relaxed state.

I hardly noticed anything when he did the block...and believe me, The Wand can make a HUGE difference when doing these blocks. Apparently my dentist almost never uses it except on very rare occasions.

He then left for a few minutes while the Carbocaine took effect.

He came back, made sure the freezing was adequate, and placed a bite block on the other side of my mouth and told me I would feel some pushing and shoving and that there would be some crunching sounds. I made sure I had Tina Turner cranked up on my headphones for this.

I felt 1 slight shove, and heard a crunch, and next thing I knew he said 'bite down' and it was over...all in just a few seconds with absolutely no pain whatsoever. It literally popped out and I didn't even know it was out!

I was asked to remain seated for 'as long as I needed to' while breathing pure oxygen to reverse the effects of the nitrous.

I was also surprised that he insisted that I would only need regular Advil for pain...and he was right! I was in absolutely no pain whatsoever when the freezing wore off, and there was never any swelling. In fact, I went out shopping afterwards!

All in all, it turned out to be nothing.

In fact, I think I would rather go through this again than have a rubber dam placed in my mouth!
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