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Single Tooth Anaesthesia (The Wand)



Junior member
Dec 23, 2015
Hi , just after some advice. I have read a bit about the wand which is being used in a few dentists in my area and a few questions if anyone knows anything more about it. I understand it only numbs the area they are working on not half your mouth like a local anaesthetic ? Also can this be used for an extracting a tooth ? My phobia with dentists is not the pain, drills or needles, I just have a problem with numbness in my mouth due to a bad experience some years back and since then I've kept away but I need to have some teeth removed .I would appreciate anyone who has had this .Thanks Antonio
I've heard of this too but don't know anything specific about how it works. About all I can offer is that it is very new. I'd also love to know more.
Thanks , if I can find any more info , I will let you know. Antonio