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Single wisdom tooth removal under local anaesthetic. Should I?



Junior member
Jul 29, 2020
United Kingdom
Hello all,

I am 41 year old male. Only two of my wisdom teeth came out, both bottom ones. They both grew like normal and are not impacted in any way and my dentist said they are like normal molars. Anyway, one wisdom tooth got a crack under the gum line and I was told it would have to be removed.

I had an X-Ray and consultation in March and was told that they think the extraction will be straightforward - the tooth has fully erupted and its not close to the facial nerve. Finally been told I am having it extracted sometime in August. During the consultation I was asked if I wanted the conscious sedation but I said no, local anaesthetic will be fine. The truth is, an injection in my arm followed by a lack of consciousness sounds scarier to me than having a local. I hate injections but am weirdly ok with gum injections. Last year I had my first filling and was amazed at how easy it was and how I didnt feel anything.

BUT since reading these forums everyone seems to think that the conscious sedation is the easy and far away best choice and I am beginning to wonder if local is the best way to go for me.

Any advice?
I would ask the dentist why they suggested sedation. It sounds quite simple, apart from your age, but it would be interesting to know why they assumed you wanted sedation. I would go for local anaesthetic, if they have no reason they want you sedated (I don’t mind dental injections either!).
You have to remember this site is for people who are pretty scared of the dentist, so sedation is a common way of dealing with that fear, even for relatively “simple” procedures, let alone extractions. So the suggestion will come up a lot - but maybe you don’t need it.

I would encourage you to do whatever makes you feel most comfortable and ditto on what @JaySee19 says depending on your specific fears.. I know I myself also did all of my wisdom teeth with local and during did not hurt at all any of the times. the worst of it was finding I was allergic to Codeine after I had 2 out at once and had a little afterpain, which didn't last more than 2 days..

I hope you are doing well. I agree with both krlovesherkids777 and JaySee19, do what is most comfortable with you. I personally just had my 2 bottom wisdom teeth removed, along with 4 other teeth under local, 3 weeks ago. My dentist was very soothing though, and made sure I was calm and relaxed before the procedure. He was nice enough to pray, as well as play music for me. I have to have another extraction soon as well. I hope the best for you. :)
Thanks all for your reassurance.

JaySee19 thank you - I think you've helped me understand something. When I went to the dentist last October I told them that I was anxious but that was really because it was my first trip to any dentist for 23 years - I assumed my teeth would be a disaster but as it turned out I needed one filling and all the rest were fine. I hadn't been for so long not due to a huge phobia initially but the longer I left it the harder it was to go. I think they thought I have a massive dental phobia, which I thought I might have too but it turns out I have mild dental anxiety instead. Maybe I shouldn't be on this forum.

Not looking forward to the wisdom tooth extraction, I know that being 41 makes it harder. But local anastheatic feels right for me.

Thanks again.
I think they thought I have a massive dental phobia, which I thought I might have too but it turns out I have mild dental anxiety instead. Maybe I shouldn't be on this forum.

You're absolutely in the right place :) ! Not everyone is afraid of dental procedures as such, it can be lots of other things like embarrassment or a fear of how bad things are after avoiding dentists for many years.

Just to add, a lot of people may be recommended sedation because their wisdom teeth may be a bit more involved and take longer to remove, and using IV sedation ensures there's no potential for trauma. It sounds as if yours is a pretty straightforward removal, and that there's no real reason for sedation other than personal preference. But if you're unsure, you could always check with your dentist!
Glad to be of assistance! And there’s no reason not to stay on this site. Dental fear fluctuates and it’s good to hear success stories from people who have conquered their fears. It’s great you’re no longer so nervous!