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Sinus communication after wisdom teeth surgery?



Junior member
Nov 9, 2012
Hello, I had my 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted 5 days ago. Ever since I've been feeling air pass between my sinus cavity and the upper left wisdom tooth hole. Also when I drink or swish water around my mouth it feels like some gets in my nose. Than there is a salty bitter tastes in my mouth. My left nostril also feels cold, much colder than my right nostril. I've also had some headaches and slight pressure in the ear on the left side as well. the surgeon did not say anything to me about a possible communication after the surgery.

Over the last 5 days the symptoms seem to be getting slightly worse, and more pronounced. I've called my oral surgeon and have set up an appointment, but thats in another 5 days. So what should I do in the mean time since I assume it isnt healing on its own. If it comes to surgery, than what is the surgery like? Would I need two surgeries one to cleen it one to close it? Is it done in oral surgeons office? What anesthesia options would I get?

Thanks so much for your advise. Am I being over paranoid?
You must see your surgeon. I am surprised it will take 5 days for postoperative complication appointment.
Meanwhile don't blow your nose, sneeze only with your mOuth open, don't use a straw and basically create no pressure changes. Often we put patients on decongestants unless there is a medical reason not to. Most of these heal on their own in a short period of time.
Thank you so much for your reply. This morning I woke and got a pretty bad nose bleed. does this mean that it getting worse?