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Sinus communication worried



Junior member
Apr 18, 2022
About 6-7weeks ago I had an upper tooth out which previously had a large filling. The dentist advised once the filling was out it may be possible to do root canal and crown but I opted for extraction as very anxious and didn’t want multiple appointments. The extraction was tricky and took ages the root went into my sinus and left a communication. The dentist explained and packed using (i think) collegen and stitched it. I had another appointment around 2 weeks later where he said it seemed to be healing well. All seemed well until around 2 weeks ago when i felt air bubble through. I panicked and he saw me that day and repacked and stitched advising it was a tiny hole and should spontaneously heal. A week passed and on easter Saturday I felt the air pass again and panicked. My normal dentist was away but the practice owner said she would see me to check it. She used air to check and i felt a small amount of air pass. She said it just needed more time and tried to put me at ease. She took fresh xrays and explained again how the communication is caused. For a few days it hasn’t happened but today it has again. She said to call if any concerns but I feel silly given previous advice but my mind is going mad with worry that if it is hasn’t healed yet it wont and then what?! In the past few years ive come so far with my fear and now im feeling anxiety rising! Google (i know don’t do it!) suggests small communication would heal within days. Panicking!
Don't panic and give it time to heal.
In the meantime try to make sure that you're not putting any excess pressure on the site, try not to blow your nose at all, just wipe and be very careful sneezing, try to let the sneeze go out without trying to hold it back at all.
Even if it needs some further attention to close it up, it's pretty trivial surgery in the bigger scheme of things.
Thank you for your reply Gordon. I’ve got myself in a bit of a state worrying about it today. How long would be a normal amount of time to wait before thinking about what next? Hopefully it will just heal soon!
Usually the surgeons give it 2-3 months before intervening, depends on the size of the original hole, obviously :)
@Gordonthank you that is very reassuring
For anyone finding this post going through similar just wanted to update that the communication did resolve on its own within a few weeks of this post so patience was what i needed here!
@Andrews13 that’s great! What a relief for you!