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sinus communication



Well-known member
Jan 15, 2013
I have been searching for posts about sinus communications but haven't found an answer to my question which is: How often does a sinus communication occur? Is it just the wisdom teeth which cause these? What are the symptoms of a sinus communication? Would the dentist/oral surgeon know if one occured during tooth extraction? Thank you for any info..
1) fairly rare
2) no, any upper posterior teeth with close approximation to the sinus. Most commonly the molars.
3) nasal regurgitation is most common symptom
4) yes

Having said that, most heal on their own and do not need any intervention.
Thank you decan,
I had 2 upper wisdom teeth out and afterwards my breathing felt different..Like trying to suck through a straw with a hole in it..if that makes sense..and my nose was bloody..But I feel better today...Except for some slighty swollen gums....thanks again!
No problem! If it persists get it checked out by your dentist. In most cases it heals on its own.