Sinus infection or spreading absess


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Apr 16, 2009
Hello i was hoping i could get some advice about an absessed tooth i have had for a while. I developed an infection in a tooth and eventually had a root canal performed, after the root canal i stil had a pimple on my gum by the tooth and after several visits back to the dentist i was told the x ray showed nothing and that i should wait for it to heal, which i did, it didnt heal so i just registered with another dentist.

The new dentist told me that the absess is there on the x-ray but i was told previously there wasnt, i was told i would have to have several fillings in other teeth first and then get this tooth sorted out. I have a couple of questions to ask and would greatly appreciate any answers given.

So i had most of my fillings placed and then i became pregnant so treatment stopped as i was told they prefer to leave treatment untill after the birth. The tooth that has a failed root canal hurts sometimes if i mess with it with my tongue or when i have a cold/flu but other wise is ok and when i look at my gum i notice the pimple that was there before is not the same as before, i can hardly notice it when i look for it,i dont think there is one anymore so i was wondering what has happened in this case,
1)IS the absess now draining inside of my body me instead of through the pimple?

Also last week i did develop the flu with a cough and the tooth had a dull pain so i assumed it was because of the flu and now during the past couple of days after the flu subsided i have shooting pains in my ears and i have cheek bone pain (on the same side as the infected tooth) and i also have headaches, dizziness also.
(2) Does this sound like i have a sinus infection now or is the absess spreading into my bones or would pain be more severe in this case?

I went back to the dentist last week and was told that i should wait untill i give birth to have treatment on it but i am going to go back because it is concerning me.

(3) What kind of absess do you think that i have in this case if the pimple has now gone?

(4) If really necessary is it safe to have a tooth x-ray whilst pregnant and for me to have treatment on it.

(5) If the absess was spreading through my bones or worse would i have severe pain or wouldnt i know about it untill its too late.

I am sorry for the long post i am just worried about this and scared it will do me reall harm and my baby, i am going to visit the dentist and was just looking for some advice untill then, i have been worrying like mad recently.


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Oct 25, 2005
1) No, the most likely thing is that your body's defences have got on top of the infection a bit better.

2) It's possibly a sinus infection, bit hard to tell from your description. It's not "infection spreading through your bones"

3) A chronic abscess is the technical name for it

4) Yes, if you really need to, but you're not in any pain and everything is OK, so why take any sort of a risk at all?

5) That just doesn't happen, forget about it.