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Sinus lift and bone graft



Junior member
Apr 14, 2014
I had a sinus lift and bone graft in order to get a post since I didn't have enough bone without the graft. The oral surgeon said I would be very swollen and my pain would be worse on day 3 post surgery. The day after the surgery was so intense and all I could think about was day three. By day three I was much improved as far as the pain went. I wish I had known that on day one. But, day three and four better and better other than the bruising and swelling. At the post-op will share with the oral surgeon the fear I had based on his comment about day three. He also told me nothing about the pain when I went in for the pre-op appointment he simply said, "you will have a lot of swelling". It would have been better for me to hear that I would have pain for a few days along with swelling. I am glad to have it behind me and would do it again knowing what to expect. I would also insist on a prescription for more pain medication than 10 tablets just to have the reassurance I wouldn't run out of pain medication over a weekend.