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Sinus lift and bone graft



May 3, 2021
Good afternoon. I am writing this in hopes to see if anyone on here has had an experience with having a sinus lift and bone graft done to support an implant. I will be having this procedure done next week as well as placement of the implant at the same time, then left to heal for a few months. I am EXTREMELY nervous especially because I just watched a YouTube video of the procedure (big big big mistake) and now I am beyond terrified. If anyone has Had this done please respond and let me know as much info on your experience that you are willing to share, pain afterwards, healing process, etc…I am so nervous so any advice would help greatly..thank you
I had a sinus lift and bone grafting during an extraction of tooth #13. I can honestly tell you that there was no pain, just noise from the drilling. I was awake for the procedure and my dentist prescribed Valium for me so I was relaxed. I brought a blanket, a fidget toy, and listened to some guided meditation on my headphones. The anxiety was way worse than the procedure.
Best of luck!
Thanks so much for your reply. I will be asleep for mine. How was your healing process? Was there a lot of swelling?
Healing was easy with minimal swelling. It wasn’t bad at all.
Anytime. Keep us posted how it goes for you.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
So glad I found this thread, I'm sitting on my bed trying to just remember to breathe because I'm so scared. @Aries92 hope you are healing well. @Beccab213 thank you so much for sharing your experience
@mariyam good morning! Are you having this procedure done? I didn’t have time to update. But it went just fine! Healing process is east for the most part. If you are nervous about having this done please let yourself relax, we work ourselves up for nothing most of the time..
@Aries92 part of that. I'm getting wisdom teeth out and a frontal failed root canal done. The frontal will need a bone graft and the implant post. That's in ummm 1hr 15min. When I'm not at the peak of anxiety I know all the rational and logical and down right necessary reasons. But when that anxiety hits, I'm just crying and thinking maybe I can just ignore this (cause that's worked so well right). The dentist is kind and understanding and really takes pride in her work and wants to make sure I'm not in pain, but all that just flies out the window when I'm freaking out. She's all about one step at a time but if we can combine two steps to save extra recovery time she really tries to make me understand that while it's terrifying now, I only have to do it once not twice.

It's really encouraging to read people's success stories. It makes me feel like yes we can do this! Ok maybe not with an exclamation mark, but I don't have such a doom and gloom sense of dread.
I totally understand your panic and anxiety. But you CAN DO THIS. You will feel so much better when it’s all done and you can look back and be proud of yourself for doing what’s best for your health. I know it’s not easy to walk head first into our trauma, but that’s how we beat it. That’s how we move through it, by facing it. You will do GREAT. Just breathe. Here are some songs I listen to before/while getting dental work that really help to calm me down, Heroes by David Bowie, telepop musik-breathe (usually this one on repeat) just close your eyes and it will be over before you know it. Be sure to Update us!!
I'm sitting in the parking lot now and I've added those songs! Thanks so much. I'm telling myself in a year I can look back and says "I did it". It's an hour maybe an hour and a half out of my life, out of the hundreds of thousands of hours I will be alive. I'll be sure to update. I'm also keeping the image of this elderly woman who took a power nap during her dental visit. I want to be that lady one day, unafraid, unruffled, confident in her choices and her treatment. I know doing these now will mean I can have visits that are short, simple, routine, but if I run away now that day is going to be further and further away. Plus driving here I saw no less than 3 banners for various dentists for implants and wisdom teeth removal. Apparently it's the new Starbucks! It was a 10 minute drive!