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Sinus lift/bone graft



May 3, 2021
Good afternoon. I am currently in the process of getting an implant for tooth 14, I had the extraction done in may. The area healed great and we are ready to move onto the sinus lift and bone graft portion of the process, as well as placing the implant as the surgeon thinks that I am a good candidate to have all this done at once given how quickly and well the area healed from the extraction. He made the procedure sound relatively simple and he is the best of the best in this area so I trust his knowledge and expertise.

This procedure is set for next Wednesday. Out of curiosity (huge mistake) I YouTubed a video of this procedure and …. Wow, I am terrified to say the least. I am regretting it so much. It looks insanely invasive and like it is going to be awful to heal from.

I am also very nervous about tooth 13, because in the video I saw the surgeon cut around the gum of the tooth next to where the graft was being done, and push pretty hard on it to lift the gum area to access the area he needed to, which would be tooth 13 for me, and this tooth is root canalled and crowned. And god forbid something happen during this process to injure that tooth or jeopardize it, because I’m sure while I signed my life away I signed something in there stating that the office would not be responsible for anything like that that could possibly happen during surgery..and this may be my paranoid mind at work doing what it does best, but I am paying close to 6,000 dollars JUST for this portion of the process, not counting what I paid for extraction and what the crown will cost. And I cannot fathom having to deal with this again for tooth 13, I could likely not afford something like this again for many years down the road because I will be paying this one off for a few.

I’m just extremely worried, mostly about the possibility of something happening to that tooth and being right back in the same boat. Any advice would be so appreciated. thanks for taking the time to read this.
There is virtually no chance of any damage to tooth 13, the process is called "lifting a flap" and while it seems to involve a bit of violence, it's actually not too bad, it's just that the gum is quite firmly attached and needs a bit of shoving to move it. The instruments used are blunt and any force is not directed towards the tooth, so it'll be fine.
@Gordon thank you for your insight, I appreciate it.
@Aries92 hi! Just some insight from me since I had the same procedures done. Back in April I had a sinus lift with bone grafting on 3, 13 and 14. With immediate implant placement on tooth 3. I only had local as my surgeon told me if I had handled extractions with local I could certainly manage this. And he was right. the worst part of my experience was the tapping and that wasn’t too bad just awkward. You’ll do great, I have now completed tooth 3 with the crown the Whole process has been fairly smooth. i Know it’s all overwhelming, fear of the unknown. I continue to have those fears but This site has helped me so, so much. For someone really Anxious it has helped immensely. Best of luck, keep us posted.
@Scaredbutready thanks so much for your reply. It certainly helps hearing other peoples success stories. I just get so nervous and fear anything else going wrong, my nerves get the best of me. My surgery is Wednesday so I’ll update after! Thanks so much.